Feb 21, 2021

New Book Launch : Illustrated Encyclopedia of GoodLuck Symbols – Volume 1

Illustrated Encyclopedia of Goodluck Symbols – Volume 1
Illustrated Encyclopedia of Goodluck Symbols – Volume 1

The books Illustrated Encyclopedia of Goodluck Symbols is published in 2 volumes – both are monumental works dealing with the heavenly gifts of good fortune. Both the volumes have been compiled with extensive data born from 23 years of meticulous research and practice of the author, Sri Janarrdhana Guptha. The lifeline of these books is that all the energy tools featured are well supported by illustrations. Both the books are unique attempts to compile a massive database of goodluck symbols, cures, enhancers, amulets, charms, talismans and emblems around the world into easily referable illustrated encyclopedias.

The books strive to make a positive impact on each and every one the readers, allowing them to realize their full potential by drawing inspiration from the energy emblems in the realm of metaphysics. This has been done by compiling together the best of energy remedies from the various fields of metaphysics. Explanations with visuals for every goodluck symbol appeals to each and everybody – whether a student of metaphysics (or a potential customer) or a practitioner, consultant, teacher, alike.

Illustrated Encyclopedia of Goodluck Symbols – Volume 1

Volume 1 features 2,800+ remedial tools from Astro-Vaastu, Geopathic Stress Neutralizers, Pyramid products, Yantras – both 2d and 3d, Divine Energy Tools; Dowsing, Divining and Healing Crystal Tools – along with 3,000+ black and white photographs in 850+ pages.

Section 1 contains 232 pages with information about 707 remedial tools from Astro-Vaastu, Geopathic Stress Neutralizers and Pyramid products with 758 photographs.

Section 2 explains in detail about 1,496 2d Sacred Geometry Yantras (made of metal, shriparni wood and bhoj patra apart from chowki yantras, desktop yantras and sigil yantras) with 1,520 illustrations, in 310 pages.

Section 3 consists details of 256 3d Sacred Geometry Yantras (made of sevan wood and metal) with 240 visuals in 148 pages.

Section 4 accounts for 88 Divine Energy Tools of swayambhu nature like Narmada Banalingas, Salagrama Shilas, Kailash Shilas, Dwaraka Shilas, Govardhan Shilas, Gomati Shilas, Shankas, Rudhrakshas, etc., illustrated with 87 photos in 40 detailed pages.

Section 5 contains detailed information about 296 energy tools with 418 photographs in 116 pages – energy tools involved in Dowsing, Divining and Healing. Examples : Dowsing Pendulums (77 models explained), Dowsing Rods, Aura Scanners, Lecher Antennas, Scrying, Runestones, I-Ching Divination, Ouija Boards, Tarot Card Decks, Dice Divination, Prashna Jyotish, Healing Crystal Energy Tools, etc.

The mammoth books of Illustrated Encyclopedia of Goodluck Symbols are a MUST for someone who wishes to buy a few tools for himself; for students and practitioners of metaphysics and for an academy teaching the various disciplines of metaphysics (like Vaastu, Astrology, Geopathic Stress, Fengshui, Divination, Dowsing, Scrying, Reiki Healing, Pranic Healing, etc.).

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