Sep 11, 2014

Crypto Crystalline Crystal Balls – carved from Sacred Narmada Bana Linga Stone

A Crypto Crystalline Quartz Ball – Sri Narmadeshwar Shivaling in ball shape – when Cleansed (Suddhi Karana), Energized (Prana Prathishta) and Programmed (Suddhi Karana) – can be used for inviting High Level Divine Presence, Blessings & Protection and to strengthen North East energies, apart from the following other benefits :


Crypto Crystalline Crystal Balls - carved from Sacred Narmada Bana Linga Stone

Crypto Crystalline Crystal Balls – carved from Sacred Narmada Bana Linga Stone

(1) to prevent evil energy from cemeteries/funeral homes/burial grounds/grave yards, corpse chi from mortuary; sick energy from hospitals/convalescent centers; negative energy from police/fire stations, schools/colleges/universities and houses of worship such as churches/mosques/temples (2) to repel evil spirits, bad luck, drishti, evil eye, buri nazar, troublesome neighbours and harmful people (3) to diffuse killing energy (poison arrows) from lamp post, electrical transformer, dish antenna, big tree, train track, flyover and oppressive large building too close for comfort or directly in front (4) to protect the dwellers from being harmed by what is termed ‘dirty energy’ left over in the land/building from it’s previous inhabitants and from places that have had a history of afflicted or bad Vaastu/Fengshui (5) to cleanse off the family members from the negative infections from a hospital visit, attending a burial or cremation ceremony or when a vile person visits your home and leaves a negative energy imprint.

The Bana Lingam is a Divine Energy Tool, both in the ancient and in this modern world and it comes with the loftiest frequency of vibrations (compared to any stone on Earth) and appears from only one place on the entire Planet of Earth – in the cradles of Holy River Narmada. The Bana Lingas are Swayambhu Shiva Lingas that have taken shape in the Sacred Narmada River, in the Central Western part of India. This is why the Bana Lingams are also known as the Narmada Banalingas or Narmadeshwar Shiva Lingas. A detailed article about the NBLs will appear in a future issue of this magazine.

Many Vedic Scriptures propound that the natural Narmada Banalingas are self-manifest respresentations of Lord Shiva – Swayambhu. What Salagramas are to Lord Maha Vishnu that Narmada Bana Lingas are to Lord Shiva. It should be understood that no two pieces will be alike and there could be drastic differences in the colours and markings. Appx. Sizes available : 2″, 2.25″ & 2.5″ dia. Larger sizes can also be tailor-made and channeled, against specific orders.

Placement : It would be ideal to place it in the North East of room/home/office/shop/factory or in Pooja Room.

Also available : Balls, Laser Wands, Pyramids, Divining Pendulums and 7 Chakra Healing Wands carved out of Sacred Narmada Bana Lingas.

Input Data : User Name, Date & Time of Birth.

Important : We Cleanse (Suddhi Karana), Energize (Prana Prathishta) & Program (Samuka Karana) the Divine Energy Tool (to the User Name & his/her family) so that the auspicious and positive energies are directly received. Also, because of the systematic activation done by us, there is no need for the User to go through any strict rituals or mantra chanting – whatever is being done regularly in the Pooja may be continued. No extra cleanliness is needed. Caution : No need to perform any abisheka (anyhow, there is no necessity too, because it is programmed).

For Authentic, Energized & Programmed (to User’s Name) Divine Energy Tools, call 098422-40274 or mail to or

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