Shriparni Meru Yantra : Shriparni Sri Rahu Ketu Sarpa Maha Naga Mandala 3d Yantra for Rahu Preethi, Ketu Preethi, Kaalsarp Dosha Nivarthi, Sarpa Shanti, etc.

SPMM-304 : 12" Shriparni Wood Sri Rahu Ketu Kaala Sarpa Naga Preethi 3d Yantra for Naga Preethi, Rahu Ketu Dosha Nivarthi, Kaalsarp Shanti, etc.

SPMM-304 : 12″ Shriparni Wood Sri Rahu Ketu Kaala Sarpa Naga Preethi 3d Yantra for Naga Preethi, Rahu Ketu Dosha Nivarthi, Kaalsarp Shanti, etc.

Shriparni Sri Rahu Ketu Sarpa Maha Naga Mandala 3d Yantra is a unique and most powerful combination of several Yantras in 3d format. The Naaga Maha Mandala consists of many Yantras including Rahu Preethi Yantra, Ketu Preethi Yantra, Kaala Sarpa Yantra, Naga Dosha Nivarthi Yantra, Naagpash Yantra, Naga Nagini Preethi Yantras, etc. This rare 3d Yantra made of the Divine Shriparni Wood mitigates the evil effects arising out of Rahu Dosha, Ketu Dosha, Rahu Ketu Dosh, Naga Dosha (Sarpa Dosha, Sarpdosh, Nagdosh, Naaga Dosha), Naga Sapha (Sarpa Sapha, Naaga Sabha, Sarpa Sabha, Naga Curse, Sarpa Curse, Snake Curse, Serpent Curse), Kaalsarp Dosh (Kaala Sarpa Dosha, Kalasarpa Dosha), Naga Bhaya, Naga Kopam, Naga Yoga, Sarpa Veedhi, insulting of Naga Devas or Naga Devathas, destruction of Sarpa Putthu and Sarpa Kavu, killing of serpents, Rahu Ketu Dhasa, Bhukti and Antar Dhasas, Rahu Ketu Transits (Gochara), etc. This 3d Yantra is also used for gaining fertility, prosperity, powerful healing, energy level cure for snake bites.

Naga Devas and Nagini Devis

In Vedic Mythology, the Naga Devas and Nagini Devathas (Devis) are powerful and divine serpentine energy beings living on Earth with humans. The Naga Realm known as Naga Lokha (Naaga Loka) or Pathala Loka is below the Earth, according to Markandeya Purana. With Potala (or Patala), the Great Naga Palace in it’s capital city Bhogavati, the Naaga Kingdom is a vast domain of palatial residences, pleasure gardens, astounding gems and jewels, music, joy and Wish Fulfilling Naga Mani – the sacred metaphysical stone of great beauty, which is the symbol of both magickal and spiritual. Nagas, worshiped as Gods in India and many other Asian cultures, have wisdom to teach human beings. They can shape-shift, have siddhis (paranormal powers) and often guard hidden treasure troves, thereby making them potent symbols of esoteric knowledge. Patanjali Muni himself is said to be a member of this super race of sarpa beings, having incarnated in human form to dispense knowledge to mankind.

Descriptions and origin of the Naagas are found in many scriptures including Atharva Veda, Naga Taksaka, Mahabharata, Hari Katha, Varaha Purana, Nilamata Purana (Kashmiri Naga Purana), Mayasilpa, Mayasamgraha, Amsumadbhedagama, etc. It is stated that there are 12 different types of Naga Lords (Nagaraja, Naga Raja) and Naaga Guardians – the names morph, and each has an associated myth.

1. Ananta Naga : Ananta in Sanskrit means endless, limitless, eternal or infinite. Ananta is the Divine Snake who helped Lord Vishnu by giving him, during the pre-creation stage, a ground to stand on. Thus, the substance that forms the manifestation is Ananta Naga. Ananta is also the serpent of infinity who eavesdropped on the secret Yoga teaching being imparted by Lord Shiva to Goddess Parvati. On being apprehended, Ananta was sentenced by Lord Shiva to impart that teaching to human beings, for which purpose Ananta assumed the human form and was called Patanjali Munivar.

2. Kulika Naga : Kulika is a Sanskrit term meaning a kinsman of a good family, an artisan or head of a guild, a hunter, as well as a kind of poison. Kulika was one of the sons of Kasyapa and Kadru, early progenitors of the Divine Naga race. He is described as dusky-brown or red in color, and having the mark of a half-moon on his head.

3. Vasuki Naga : Vasuki is one of the three Chief Nagarajas of the Nagas. Vasuki represents courage, because he lends his body to be wrapped around the mountain Mandara, which becomes the churn by which the ocean endures its suffering (abrasions that occur in the process of churning), around which things arise out of cosmic milk. Vasuki is famous for coiling around the neck of Lord Shiva, who blessed Vasuki and wore him as an ornament. His color is white.

4. Sankhapala Naga : Sankhapala is a Nagaraja who lived beside a lake. He was kind, compassionate and religious. Like other Nagas, he had the capacity to change forms at will, appearing beautiful, strong and divine. His color is yellow.

5. Padma Naga : Padma is one of the principal Naga Chieftains, a follower of Varuna, associated with a radiant lake. In some stories, he is described as a protector of temples and yogis, employing mantra, tantra and sadhana to preserve dharma from the forces of evil. In Sanskrit, one of its meanings is “lotus,” a flower, also referring to a particular posture for learning Yoga. His color is rose.

6. Maha Padma Naga : Mahapadma was the son of the Rishi Kasyapa and his wife Kadru. One of the principal Naga Chiefs, Mahapadma was the guardian of one of the race’s largest treasuries. In some stories, he is described as a serpent with a human face. Reluctant to bare his fangs and strike his enemies down with poison, he prefers to wreak vengeance in the form of natural disasters, like rain and floods, snow and hail. His color is white.

7. Takshaka Naga : Takshaka is mentioned as a King of the Nagas in the Great Hindu Epic Mahabharata. Takshaka was a descendant of Lord Rama and a friend of Indra, the King of the Devas. After a king of the Pandavas was cursed to die of snakebite for a mistake he’d made, Takshaka came in disguise to strike the fatal blow, bribing an Ayurvedic pundit not to cure the king of snake-poisoning. Thus Takshaka represents the dangerous aspect of snakes, as they are feared by all due to their venom. Later, after becoming corrupted by power, Takshaka was banished from the area and became a robber of travelers through his new territory. This provoked a war against the Nagas and, although Takshaka fled, he was captured and sentenced to death. But the intervention of a boy-sage, Astika, saved his life and thereby ended the genocidal war against the Naga race. His color is red.

8. Karkotaka Naga : Karkotaka is a Naga Lord who lived in a forest, and was linked in enmity with Nala, king of Nishadha, whom he bit. As a result, he was cursed by the Sage Narada to become immobile. Later, Karkotaka was trapped in a forest fire, unable to flee, but was rescued by Nala, after which the curse of immobility was broken. In gratitude, Karkotaka helped Nala regain his lost kingdom, first biting him so that his venom turned Nala blue, enabling the king to return from exile without being recognized, and immune to his enemies. His color is black.

9. Shankhachuda Naga : Shankhachuda was one of the great serpent kings whose story was immortalized in the acclaimed drama Nagananda. In this story, Prince Jimutavahana gives up his own body to prevent the sacrifice of Shankhachuda to Garuda, the King of birds and eternal enemy of serpents.

10. Pataka Naga : Little is known about Pataka, except for being named in the Vedic texts as one of the Naga Kings. The word “pataka” derives from the Sanskrit root paat, meaning “to fall.” In this context, pataka may refer to a sin so serious that it deprives one of caste membership, and thereby one’s livelihood. Pataka is also known as Ghataka, whose etymology is related to a unit of time, 24 minutes.

11. Vishadhara Naga : Again, little is known about Vishadhara, but the name of this Naga King, based on the Sanskrit root visha, means something equivalent to “a container of poison” in the same sense that a cloud is a container of water. This is logical, since cobras are feared for their venom. More broadly, it can refer to a nest of serpents.

12. Adishesha Naga : Adishesha is the thousand headed immortal serpent upon which Lord Vishnu sleeps between incarnations, in the primordial ocean of milk (Kshirasagara). This is associated with Moksha. The word adi means “the first” while the word shesha means “remainder” implying something of an original creation that survives destruction and lies in a suspended state awaiting the next cycle. The Lord of Serpents, Sheshanaga was incarnated to the earth in the form of Lakshmana (younger brother of Lord Rama) during Treta Yuga and during the Dwapara Yuga, he incarnated as Lord Balarama (Lord Krishna’s elder brother). He is said to be an eternal companion of Lord Vishnu in all incarnations.

There are other powerful Naga Legends like Serpent Queen or Nagarani Manasa Devi (Rig Veda, Manasamangal Kavya, Brahma Vaivarta Purana, Devi Bhagavatam) who is worshiped to this day for gaining fertility, prosperity, healing, prevention and cure for snake bites – she is also believed to be sister of Vasuki Naga; the four Naaga Dik Palas (Naga Directional Guardians) : Naga Utarmansa (Lord of North), Naga Bindusara (Guardian of East), Naga Madaka (Protector of South) and Naga Elapatra (Controller of West); Maha Naga (Centre of both Inner and Outer Worlds) or Kundalini Devi (Red Goddess Lalitha Tripura Sundhari); Naga Queen Neta Devi; Naga Princess Ulupi whom Arjuna married (Bhagavad Gita); Asvasena Naga, the son of Takshaka Naaga; and ofcourse Sarpa Mata Kadru, the mother of the Deva Sarpa race.

The highlight of this Sevan Wood 3d Mandala Yantra stems from it’s uniqueness that it is the only Yanthra that offers remedial measures of all the evil yogas and doshas related to Rahu, Ketu and all Nagas, under one umbrella. The Shriparni Wood Sri Maha Naga Mandala 3d Yantra is a powerful Yantra that has the potential of complete Sarpa Preethi to all the clans of Naga Vamsa including the 12 Naga Guardians, 4 Naga Dik Palakas, Rahu, Ketu and the Naga Rani Manasa Devi, apart from others. The divine presence of the Secret Sigils of the Naga Lords and Naga Guardians, Naga Kavach and the three dimensional steles of Naga Symbols strengthen the energy levels of this 3d Yantra further.

According to Scriptures and Puranas, some of the major benefits that can accrue by installing this Energized and Programmed Shreeparni Sri Rahu Ketu Sarpa Naga Maha Mandala 3d Yantra could be :

(1) Rahu Dosha & Rahu Shanti (Rahu Preethi)

SPMM-304 : 12" Shriparni Wood Sri Rahu Ketu Kaala Sarpa Naga Preethi 3d Yantra for Naga Preethi, Rahu Ketu Dosha Nivarthi, Kaalsarp Shanti, etc.

SPMM-304 : 12″ Shriparni Wood Sri Rahu Ketu Kaala Sarpa Naga Preethi 3d Yantra for Naga Preethi, Rahu Ketu Dosha Nivarthi, Kaalsarp Shanti, etc.

The North and South Nodes of Moon are known as Rahu (Ascending Lunar Node or Dragon’s Head) and Ketu (Descending Lunar Node or the Dragon’s Tail) respectively in Vedic Hindu Astrology. Both are not material embodiment but Chaya Grahas – Shadow Planets. Rahu is a considered a universal malefic and afflicts the planet it is associated with – indicates sudden events from lottery gains to unexpected accidents. It represents secrecy, dissatisfaction, hidden enemies, greed, obsessive personality, mysterious or untreatable diseases, mass tragedies, marital disharmony, domestic problems, family rifts and abortions, regular dose of loss and sorrow, uncertainty and mental agony. Ketu too has similar effects, but to a lesser degree.

Propitiation to Rahu or Rahu Shanti could reduce the magnitude of the above problems and also allow proficiency in foreign, artificial and computer languages. This Shreeparni Sri Rahu Ketu Preeti 3d Yantra helps reduce the malefic effects (if any) and magnify the beneficial effects of the Planet Rahu. It can also help in enhancing the hidden potentials of a person, in getting a better understanding of the situation and in overcoming his/her enemies, to rise above the competition. It also helps in getting rid of anxiety, fear, obsession, etc.

Vedic Astrology states that an unfavorable Rahu can cause illness, obstacles, mishaps, accidents, addiction, money loss, separation from home, displeasure, fear complex, delayed work, lethargy, disfavor of superiors, sibling rivalry, lack of peace, gambling, criminal mindset, court cases, defamation, etc. This Shriparni Sri Rahu Shanti 3d Yantra displayed here can minimize such negative effects to the extent possible through propitiation of Rahu Graha. This Sevan Yantra prevents wrong diagnosis of illness and avoids mistreatment. It shields us from deceit of those around us. This unique Rahu 3d Yantra can also bring deep understanding and respect. It removes hurdles in marriages, business, education, etc. and gains success in endeavors, power, popularity and prestige. Thus the Shreeparni Sri Rahu 3d Yantra is a great remover of hurdles and obstacles from the life path and wipes out the miseries and pains from the path of walk of one which again leads the individual towards success and provides him a stable progress throughout. Apart from these, it also enables traveling abroad, unusual employment, creativity, pilgrimage, air travels, etc.

Rahu Shanti Parihara by installing this unique Shriparni Rahu 3d Yantra offers relief from the dreaded Rahu Dosha and also mitigates the evil influences during Rahu Dasa, Bhukti and Antar Dasa in the native’s horoscope. It also helps to reduce the tribulations caused by the malefic Rahu during Rahu Peyarchi, Rahu Gochar or Rahu Transit.

(2) Ketu Dosha & Ketu Shanti (Ketu Preethi)

Ketu is a Chaya Graha or Shadow Planet which is the Descending Lunar Node or Dragon’s Tail. Vedic Astrology says that a malefic Ketu can cause uncertainty, accidents, unexpected tragedy, dissatisfaction, mental agony, deep worries, sudden fears, hidden enemies, greed, obsession, mysterious diseases, allergy, poison bites, bad habits, loss of property, loss of face, putra dosha, breaks in education, abortion and rift in married life. The Shriparni Sri Ketu 3d Yantra presented here minimizes such negative effects to the extent possible through propitiation of Ketu. The Sevan Wood Ketu 3d Yantra also helps to overcome discrimination, isolation, loneliness, depression, lack of self confidence and to meet emotional challenges. It can also aid in gaining recognition of hard work and tireless efforts and for overall success. This Wooden Yantra can promote spirituality, proficiency in foreign languages, expertise in computers and windfall gains. This Shreeparni Yantra can also enhance intelligence, wisdom, deep insight and psychic abilities. It can post victory over enemies and competition; indirectly enable success in career and business; trigger financial growth and unexpected property gains. It can negate skin problems and surgical issues. Appeasement of Ketu through this Shriparni Yantra can bring in new and powerful friendships leading to great name and fame.

Ketu Shanti Parihara by installing this unique Shriparni Ketu 3d Yantra offers relief from the dreaded Ketu Dosha and also mitigates the evil influences during Ketu Dasa, Bhukti and Antar Dasa in the native’s horoscope. It also helps to reduce the tribulations caused by the malefic Ketu during Ketu Peyarchi, Ketu Gochar or Ketu Transit.

(3) Kaalsarp Yoga, Kaala Sarpa Dosha & Kala Sarpa Parihara

Like the King Cobra growing huge and swallowing other snakes whole, Kaalsarpa has a formidable reputation in Jyotisha. Some ancient jothish texts have declared that Kaala Sarpa has the power to make an individual even a King – assuming he survives long enough to assume that mantle. It is claimed that statistially one out every 8 horoscopes has the Kaala Sarpa Dosham and one ignores it at his or her own peril.

Kaalsarp Yoga is regarded as one the most dreaded evil yogas in Mundane Astrology. While most of the ancient Vedic Astrological Scriptures and Hindu Astrology Texts are silent on this topic, many talented and experienced astrologers and pundits have researched and proved the effects of this Kaala Sarpa Dosha or Kala Sarpa Yoga practically. The prevalent general opinion amongst the Astrologers is that it is evil, restraining all the other good yogas present in the horoscope, thus condemning the native to a life of chronic reversals and setbacks.

Astrologically, Kaalsarp Yoga is formed when all the planets are hemmed between Rahu and Ketu. It has been found that the Kaalsarp Dosh many a time leads to unbearable strains and tensions, delaying success or making success look insignificant in relation to efforts made to achieve it.

Despite differences, learned Jothish Pundits classify 12 types of Kaala Sarpa Yogas or Doshas with their plus and minus :

(1) Ananta Kaala Sarpa Yoga : Also known as Vipareeta Kaalsarp Yoga, it has the power to give vitality, boldness, enviable masculinity, aggressiveness and windfall luck gains. But gives short temper, impatience and difficult to satisfy, frustrating partnerships, imbalanced alliances, threatening mannerism, confrontations, lawsuits, prone to accidents, disharmony in marital life.
(2) Kulika Kaalsarp Yoga : Frequent lies, rudeness, arrogance, harsh language, rash commitments, general losses, bad physical health, accidents, bad mental health due to insecure financial standing.
(3) Vasuki Kaalsarp Dosh : Gifted communication skills, interpreting techniques, smooth manipulation and charismatic. Will lack support from siblings, enjoy bad luck in general, get financial losses and face chronic and severe problems in career and business.
(4) Shankpala Kaalsarpa Dosha : Good windfall gains and high political success. Work stress and anxiety, obsession with security, conflict with self and could sire illegitimate child.
(5) Padma Kaalsarp Yoga : Charming intelligence, dramatic presentation, creativity, strategic writing, etc. Victim of treachery, romantic losses, progeny issues, worries due to children, slow recovery in case of illness and troubles due to unsatisfied spirits.
(6) Mahapadma Kalsarpa Yoga : Power and political success, adeptness in manipulating unbalanced situations. Repeated attacks of diseases, competition and enemies.
(7) Takshaka Kaal Sarp Yoga : Motivating, convincing, seductive and opportunistic. Loss of wealth and reputation due to gambling, drinking and women, apart from disruptive marital life and psychological irregularities.
(8) Karkotaka Kaala Sarpa Dosha : Transformative, knowledgeable. Dogged by short temper, scandals, trauma, accidents, company of anti-social elements, continuous troubles from enemies, deprivement of paternal wealth.
(9) Shankhachuda Kaalsarpa Dosha : Charismatic, manipulative, unconventional leadership. Speak needless lies, easily angered, sibling rivalry, legal entanglements, complicated fluctuations in all aspects of life.
(10) Ghataka or Pataka Kaalasarpa Yoga : Good political power, skilled accomplishments. Severe litigation issues, loss of social status, suffer reversals and punishment by law / government.
(11) Vishadhara Kaalsarp Yoga : Adept marketing, conniving and profitable schemes, surreptitious deals. Unanticipated problems due to manipulative nature, children and frequent travels.
(12) Adhi Shesha Kaala Sarpa Yog : Charismatic, psychic, visionary, intensely private. Chronic problems because of restlessness, addictions, legal issues, bad health and enemies.

This Shriparni Sri Kaala Sarpa Dosha Shanti 3d Yantra displayed here can minimize the evil effects of the dreaded Kaalsarp Dosh to the extent possible and also magnify the positive potentials.

(4) Naaga Dosha, Sarpa Sapha, Naga Kopa, Naga Bhaya, Naga Veethi & Sarpa Shanti

SPMM-304 : 12" Shriparni Wood Sri Rahu Ketu Kaala Sarpa Naga Preethi 3d Yantra for Naga Preethi, Rahu Ketu Dosha Nivarthi, Kaalsarp Shanti, etc.

SPMM-304 : 12″ Shriparni Wood Sri Rahu Ketu Kaala Sarpa Naga Preethi 3d Yantra for Naga Preethi, Rahu Ketu Dosha Nivarthi, Kaalsarp Shanti, etc.

Among the many curses, the Curse of the Nagas is the most potent. The Naga Dosha is also known as Sarpa Dosha, Sarpdosh, Nagdosh, Naaga Dosha). Similarly, the Naga Sapha goes by the names of Sarpa Sapha, Naaga Sabha, Sarpa Sabha, Naga Curse, Sarpa Curse, Snake Curse, Serpent Curse, etc.

Among the many scriptures of Hindu Astrology, the Prasna Marga and Kavidi (Horary Astrology) provides certain rules as to how the Nag Dosh can be identified in a horoscope. Some of the possible reasons for a Sarpa Dosham or Naga Sapham could be :

(1) when a person has a dur marana or unnatural death in an accident, suicide, murder, bomb blast or poisoning
(2) because of improper or no cremation
(3) due to late cremation of the body or cremation by strangers but not by blood relatives
(4) when not all body parts get cremated together
(5) if an ancestor has killed an unborn child
(6) when black magic is done by forefathers to harm others
(7) killing of snakes or destruction of it’s eggs in previous or present life by self or by ancestors
(8) destruction of Sarpa Puththu (snake hillock)
(9) cutting off herbal plants or sacred trees especially in Sarppakkavus or Sarpa Kavu (Snake Forests)
(10) insulting knowingly or unknowingly Naga Devas, Nagini Devathas, Naga Yakshi, Sarpa Yakshi, Naga Chamundi, etc.
(11) if the property for construction is to be divided into 9, the 5th one is said to be the Sarppa Veethi and the house coming in this particular area will lead to the Naga Bhaya
(12) perilous combinations in Sarpa Drekkana
(13) Serpents signify earth as they take home under the earth in cool areas where water-veins are found and where trees are found. Water and trees are natural wealth that are needed to be taken good care of. But these sources are dotted with the habitat for snakes. In the science of detecting water veins, Varahamihira lists out the snakes to be spotted at certain depths to ascertain the amount of water and the taste of water. When man harms these natural sources voluntarily or involuntarily or misuses these natural sources for his benefit, the habitat of snakes also gets affected. This is also how the curse of snakes takes place.
(14) Another way of incurring Naaga Dosha is when the earth is harmed by digging for whatever cause, it hurts Adisesha Naga who is bearing the earth all the time. Adhisesha is a personification of the force that keeps the earth as a stable one in a steady path around the Sun. Any slightest disturbance caused to earth by scratching or digging is a harm caused to Earth or Adhi Sesha. That is why any digging activity must be preceded by a pooja or propitiation to the Earth. When not done so, it also attracts Sarpa Dosha.

Some of the main effects of Sarpa Dosha that are felt are : late marriages and multiple failures in attempts to get married, low sperm count or impotency, frequent abortions, physically or mentally challenged kids being born, slow growth of brain and intelligence, frequently affected by nightmares, occult spells or black magic done by others, being haunted or possessed by evil spirits, afflicted by sexually transmitted diseases, cancer, kidney stones, weak liver and pancreas, son or daughter rejecting marriage or becoming homosexual (gay or lesbian), kids revolting against parents, running away from home, frequent hospitalization or surviving lifetime on medicines. Similarly, many of the affected experience discontinuation of higher studies, the rotting of character, twisted thinking, upside down thoughts, rebelliousness, illogical thoughts, etc.

In the subject of the pregnancy, the Beeja Dosham and the Kshethtra Dosham are important. Astrologers who delve deep into the reasons behind those, have found and identified the Sarpa Dosham as the invisible reason behind. Women having Naaga Dosham would be having various ailments related to the abdomen, uterus and even the menstrual cycle. Problems arising in Sarpa Drekkana is known to result in death during imprisonment or hanging, life threatening dangers from poisonous reptiles

In practical experience, Astrologers point out that Sarpa Dosha effects are more complicated such as daughter marrying an impotent person or eloping with a worthless guy, son-in-law proves to be a sadist or impotent person, daughter becoming widow at young age and unable to find suitable person for second marriage, being single mother at young age and unable to find love till old age, son becoming gay or rejecting idea of marriage due to multiple love failures, daughter-in-law appealing for divorce and taking away property share as alimony, son becoming drug or alchohol addict and leaving home without taking care of old parents, addiction to masturbation and porn, leading to impotency and fear or rejection of opposite sex, millions worth properties stuck in court cases, rivalry among brothers, no celebrations at home, sons waiting for death of father or trying to kill parents for money, etc.

Sarpa Dosha is different from Kala Sarpa Dosha. This Sarpa Dosha effects a person even after his death. While Kalasarpa Dosha is mostly hereditary and its effects are seen only during Vimsottari Dasas, Bhuktis and Antar Dasas of Rahu, Ketu and others planets associated with them, Sarpa Dosha has no specific time limit.

The Sevan Wood Sri Naga Nagini 3d Yantra mitigates the negative effects of all types of Naga Dosha and Sarpa Dosh by virtue of it’s specialized advantages as detailed above. Thus this Sevan Wood Sri Maha Naga Mandala 3d Yantra is quite a powerful 3d Yantra with multi-purpose benefits.

The Naaga Maha Mandala 3D Yantra is dedicated to Lord Maha Vishnu – since this 3D Yantra is made of the rare and sacred Shriparni Tree Wood (in which Goddess Sri Maha Lakshmi resides naturally as Swayambu), it becomes doubly auspicious : Lakshmiji is the Divine Consort of Lord Vishnu.

Sri Maha Naaga Mandala 3D Yantra made from Sacred Sevan Tree Wood (also known as Shriparni Wood, Ghambari Wood and Khumar Wood) is a very unique and exotic combination. The Sarpa Yantra here is in 3D form (Three Dimension) and is many folds more powerful than the flat 2D Yantra. Because it is made of the Holy Shriparni Wood (also called as Sevan Wood), the magnified prosperity energy doubles up resulting in both HEALTH and WEALTH. It is also believed by many that besides producing a huge amount of positive energy, the Sriparni Wood also absorbs pollution. Leading Jothish Pandits recommend the Naga Yantra made of Shriparni Wood for gaining both Financial Growth as well as to correct Vastu Doshas.

The fact that this Shriparni Sri Naaga Yantram is a 3D Yantra itself makes it much more powerful than the commonly found 2D Yantras in the market. Thus this Shriparni Sri Sarpa Dosham 3D Yantra is many times more powerful than the 2D yantras made of cheap metal one finds flooded in the markets. Also, the Shriparni Wood also known as Sevan Wood, is popular for its properties of repelling pollution energy and dissipating negative energies arising out of defects in Vaastu Shastra (Vaasthu Vidya) of the building.

Please note that we Cleanse (Suddhi Karana), Energize (Prana Prathishta) & Custom Program (Samuka Karana) the Shriparni Divine Energy Tool using powerful and dedicated Siddha Programming Techniques to the User (with birth data : Name, Date & Time of Birth) so that the auspicious and positive energies are directly received. Also, because of the systematic 3-step empowerment and activation done by us, there is no need for the User to go through any additional pooja or strict rituals or mantra chanting or extra cleanliness.

Many experienced Astrologers and Vaastu Consultants recommend the Sri Yantra & Sri Maha Meru 3D Yantra made of Shriparni Wood (also known as Sevan Wood)  for Health, Wealth, Harmony, Happiness, Mental Peace as well as to correct Vaastu Doshas. They also suggest Sri Maha Mritunjaya 3D Yantra made of Shriparni Wood for both Health and Wealth. Similarly, the Shri Parni Cash Wealth Box for Financial Independence, Accumulation of Jewels & Abundance. It is customary practice in many parts of India to gift it on auspicious occasions like Wedding, Anniversary, Grahapravesh, etc. to mark their good intention. It is ideal to keep it in one’s Pooja Mandhir at home/office.

The most Auspicious & Divine Shriparni Sri Rahu Ketu Sarpa Maha Naga Mandala 3D Yantra comes in 2 different sizes – SPMM-304 : Appx. size 12″ L x 12″ B x 10″ H and SPMM-305 : Appx. size 9″ L x 9″ B x 8″ H.

Input Data : User Name(s), Date and Time of Birth(s).

Placement : In Pooja place, or in any safe location.

Important : Like all Divine Energy Tools, it is mandatory that this too has to be systematically processed and activated (Cleansed, Energized & Programmed) to User Name. Using such powerful Energy Tools with out the correct activation can cause harm. We Cleanse (Suddhi Karana), Energize (Prana Prathishta, Empowered, Energised, Energized, Energy Imbibed, Energy Infused, Energy Instilled) & Program (Samuka Karna) the Yantra (to the User Name & his/her family) so that the auspicious and positive energies are directly received. Also, because of the systematic activation done by us, there is no need for the User to go through any strict rituals or mantra chanting – whatever is being done regularly in the Pooja may be continued. No extra cleanliness is needed. No negative side effects possible because of the custom-programming. Data required : User Name, Date of Birth & if possible, Time of Birth.

What is the difference between a 2D Yantra and 3D Yantra?

The difference in the concepts of a 2D and 3D Yantra can easily be understood through a practical and popular example : there are two varieties of Sri Yantra. The first and the most commonly found is the flat, two dimensional, linear form. In this, the entire sacred geometry is drawn on a single flat plane. This concept is called the 2D Yantra. The second variety is the three dimensional one. Here, the Yantra is in the pyramidal form and because of the mountain shape, it is named after the mythical divine mountain Meru. In this 3D version of the plane form, the outlines of the geometry are elevated in gradual steps to form an iconic structure. Thus, if the Sri Chakra is made as a three dimensional figure with length, breadth and height, then it is called Meru Chakra. This concept is called the 3D Yantra. The 3D Yantra is multi folds more powerful than the 2D Yantra.

What is a 3D Yantra? Why a 3D Yantra?

If a 2D Yantra is systematically Cleansed and Energized through advanced Siddha Empowering Techniques, the energy projected in the x, y and z axis will exactly resemble it’s 3D version. This Virtual Yantra is, in fact the REAL YANTRA. In other words, the relationship between a 2D Yantra and a 3D Yantra is that of between the sketch of a building and the building itself. Beyond doubt, a 3D Yantra will be multi folds more powerful than it’s 2D version.

Advantages of the 3d Yantra over the 2d Yantra

(1) In principle, the 3D Yantra has multi folds more power than it’s 2D version – it can receive more energy, store more energy, process more energy and transmit more energy.

(2) The pyramidal structure of a 3D Yantra allows the Attuned Professional to incorporate more sophisticated Programming into it, to exercise better control over the spatial energy and the Chakras of the individuals involved, to achieve faster and better results.

(3) The very Energy Engine driving the 3D Yantra is so very different (than that of a 2D Yantra) that it can accept more complex programming which enables a very long life – a ‘near permanent’ life, unlike most religious 2D Yantras that have very short life span like a year or much less.

(4) Again, the more sophisticated and stronger energy structure of a 3D Yantra can easily support very advanced programming by an Attuned Professional to exempt it from ritual cleansing, milk bath, nithya pooja, daily mantra chanting, prasad offering, etc. This is achieved by time-tested Powerful Siddha Programming Techniques which help maintain the 3D Yantra with stipulated and excellent energy levels 24/7.

Important Notes that one should be aware of :

(1) This Divine Shriparni Energy Tool displayed here is an excellent Metaphysical Energy Tool for boosting the Positive Energies and/or for protecting from the Negative Energies, as specified in the product description.
(2) Like all genuine remedies, the above Shriparni Wood / Sevan Wood Energy Tool too is required to be Cleansed, Energized & Custom Programmed to a specific individual (or family as the case may be) in order to make it work as a proper Cure and/or Enhancer – that is the minimum eligibility for any remedy. Using powerful remedies like this without the mandatory activation can cause harm to the User (and family). All Remedies channelled by us are Cleansed (Sudhdhi Karana), Energized (Prana Prathishta, Empowered, Energised, Energized, Energy Imbibed, Energy Infused, Energy Instilled, Energy Charged) and Pre-Programmed for the stated purposes and Custom Programmed (Samuka Karana) to the desired User’s Birth Data, at the time of purchase.
(3) This Shriparni Wood product does not require any periodic cleansing (or energizing), as it has already been systematically cleansed and energized through time tested Siddha Techniques.
(4) Due to the systematic Power Activation done by us, there is no need for the customer to perform any ritualistic daily worship, nitya pooja, mantra chanting, japa or rigorous fasting.
(5) No extra cleanliness is ever required on your part. All the rigorous processing that needs to be done are completed by us fully and only then channelled to you.
(6) This Shriparni Energy Tool is not Programmed for any specific time period – hence has a long life, unlike the typical flat, metal 2D Yantras.
(7) This Shriparni Energy Tool channelled by us can never, ever give any negative side effects at any point of time, because of our special Programming Techniques.
(8) This Shriparni Energy Tool can be kept in any one physical location (preferably in pooja place or in any other place) facing any direction.
(9) No Abisheka (Sacred Water Bath), as it is made of wood. Not required too, as it is already Custom Programmed to maintain correct energy levels.
(10) This Shriparni Energy Tool is specifically Programmed to work on the related Chakras (Physical Chakras, Mental Chakras & Spiritual Chakras) of a specific Individual, without interruption, for better results.
(11) This Shriparni Energy Tool is suitable for any and all of the 12 Zodiac Signs irrespective of sex, age, nationality, religion, caste, country or culture.
(12) You may browse our 3D Yantras FAQs (click here) before placing your order – we have put together the most frequently asked questions and our answers to them. This section will help you to gain a better understanding about the products, processes involved, percentage of success, time required for gaining results, etc. If you still have a query that you think is not covered in our FAQs, you may contact us.

Caution : Copycat Shriparni Products can be dangerous

Remedies are all about energy and every physical object installed in home or work place, be they cures or enhancers, or just placed around for their aesthetics and beauty, MUST give out loving positive energy; they should have been created with the pure motivation to benefit someone or to make someone feel good and happy. This requirement becomes even more important when they are Spiritual Remedies and made with sacred material like Divine Shriparni Wood. Badly made fakes and commercially created copycat products hastily assembled together with cheap raw materials will not be effective at all.

Actually, placing metaphysical energy remedies with ill or bad energy in living space or work space can emanate even more negativity than you realize. And far from overcoming and dissolving afflicted and corrupted energy in your space, they could actually generate more negativity instead, defeating the very purpose itself.

Another note of caution : beware of mock Shriparni Wood products that are available cheaply in the market, especially in the internet. Many of them are either pretentious or made of unfit male Shriparni tree wood – divine energy tools like Yantras and pooja articles should be made ONLY out of female Shriparni tree wood. Similarly, the female Shriparni Tree becomes energy mature only after completion of 12 years of age – but many of them are cut down much earlier because of the huge market demand and commercial considerations. Displaying such spurious products might physically look beautiful but will carry unchecked residual energies that will create more energy blocks and accentuate existing negative energies.

Info on Shriparni Tree Wood / Sevan Tree Wood

The Shriparni Tree is as ancient, as pure and as sacred as the Tulsi and Peepal Tree. Ancient Puranas state that Goddess Sri Maha Lakshmi herself is inherently present in the Shriparni Tree. That is why the Shriparni Tree is praised as the Kalpavriksha or Karpaga Viruksham of the Kaliyuga time. Twelve years old Sriparni Wood is believed to be Svayam Siddha (Swayambu) and on completion of the 12th year only it becomes energy-mature. Also Divine Energy Tools such as this (including 2D Yantras and 3D Yantras) should be made only from the Female Shriparni Tree Wood – it is widely accepted that the wood from the Male Shriparni Tree is not suitable for making such sacred products.

The Shriparni Tree belongs to the Botanical Family Gmelina arborea : in Hindi it is called Khumar & Gori Gambhari; in Gujarati Sevan; in Marathi Shivan; in Malayalam Neykumizhu; Adavigummudu in Telugu; Kumbalamara in Kannada; Perumkumbil in Tamil and in English Coomb White Teak. The Ayurvedha classifies it as a Medicinal Plant with properties that pacify vitiated vata, pitta, inflammation, flatulence, malignancy especially leukemia, arthritis and hepato-biliary affections.

Our Shriparni Wood / Sevan Wood Products Range

Our huge range of Auspicious Energy Tools which are made from the Sacred Shreeparni Tree Wood (Sevan Wood) and channelled by us are Shri Yantra or Sri Yantra (Flat, 2-Dimensional), Sri Maha Meru or Meru Chakra (3D Shree Yantra or Sri Chakra) – Poorna Meru, Ardha Meru, Sri Koorma (Kachuwa) Meru 3D Yantra (Sri Maha Meru over Sacred Turtle), Sri Char Dik Kurma Meru 3d Yantra (Poorna Meru over 4 Sacred Turtles), Sri Maha Mritunjaya 3D Yantra, Chausath Yogini 3D Yantra (64 Yogini 3D Yantra), Sri Maha Yogini 3D Yantra, Sri Rahasya Yogini 3D Yantra (Combination of 6 Sacred Yantras), Combined Sri Kubera 3D Yantra, Sri Maha Meru 3D Yantra on Lotus Base & Sri Lakshmi Kanakadhara 3D Yantra on Lotus Base in 3-D form, Sri Maha Sudharsana 3D Yantra, Sri Gayatri 3D Yantra, Sri Dattatreya 3D Yantra, Sri Maha Rudra 3D Yantra, Sri Neela Saraswati 3D Yantra, Sri Kaamadev 3D Yantra (Sri Manmatha 3D yantra), Sri Purusha Sukta 3D Yantra (Sri Purusha Sookta 3D Yantra), Sri Khadga Ravana 3D Yantra, Sri Shree Sukta 3D Yantra Set (Sri Shri Sookta 3D Yantra Set) – Set of three 3D Yantras), Sri Shirdi Saibaba 3d Yantra, Sri Puttaparti Satya Saibaba 3d Yantra, Sri Mahavatar Babaji 3d Yantra, Sri Panchanguli 3d Yantra, Sri Sampoorna Sarva Vidya Prapti Maha 3d Yantra Set (Set of 16 3d Yantras), Sri Aikya Madhya Sukta 3d Yantra, Sri Deepak 3d Yantra, Sri Chamundi 3d Yantra, Sri Sampoorna Chakrabja Mandala 3d Yantra Set (Set of 5 3d Yantras), Sri Tirupati Balaji 3d Yantra, Sri Khechari Yogini 3d Yantra, Sri Vyapar Vriddhi 3d Yantra Set (Set of 2 3d Yantras), Sri Raja Matangi 3d Yantra, Sri Shyamala Sarasvati 3d Yantra, Sri Kayakalpa 3d Yantra, Sri Manyu Sukta 3d Yantra, Sri Maha Shaiva Maha 3d Yantra Set (Set of 17 3d Yantras), Sri Sarabar 3d Yantra, Sri Shoolini Durga 3d Yantra, Sri Pratyangira 3d Yantra, Special Sri Chidambara Kurma Poorna Maha Meru 3d Yantra, Sri Vana Durga 3d Yantra, Sri Kartha Veerya Arjuna 3d Yantra (Sri Karthaveeryarjuna 3d Yantra), Sri Ardhanareeswarar 3d Yantra, Sri Tithi Nitya Devi 3d Yantra Set (Set of 16 3d Yantras), Sri Dasa Maha Vidya 3d Yantra Set (Set of 13 3d Yantras Set), Sri Guru Dakshinamurthy 3d Yantra, Sri Maha Ganapathy Vijaya 3d Yantra, Sri Hayagrivar 3d Yantra, Sri Vidya Rajagopala 3d Yantra, Sri Raja Mritunjaya 3d Yantra, Sri Shiva Mritunjaya 3d Yantra, Sri Annapurna 3D Yantra, Sri Surya Mandala 3d Yantra, Sri Lakshmi Narasimha 3D Yantra, Sri Maha Ganapathy 3D Yantra, Sri Maha Lakshmi Maha 3D Yantra, Sri Rama Raksha 3D Yantra, Sri Sastha Ayyappa 3D Yantra, Sri Swayamvara Parvathi 3D Yantra, Sri Chakrabja 3D Yantra, Sri Mrit-Sanjivani 3D Yantra, Sri Aghora 3D Yantra, Sri Sarva Kamaprada Bhairava 3D Yantra, Sri Ashta Matrikas 3d Yantra, Sri Aswarooda Devi 3d Yantra, Sri Chandi 3d Yantra, Sri Durga Saptasathi 3d Yantra, Sri Gowri Shankar 3d Yantra, Sri Trailokya Vishwakarma Lakshmi 3d Yantra, Sri Vartali Varahi 3d Yantra, Sri Kubjika Devi 3d Yantra, Sri Kalratri Devi 3d Yantra, Sri Sushila 3D Yantra, Sri Shani 3D Yantra, Sri Rahu 3D Yantra, Sri Ketu 3D Yantra, Sri Surya 3D Yantra, Sri Guru 3D Yantra, Sri Shukra 3D Yantra, Sri Chandra 3D Yantra, Sri Budha 3D Yantra, Sri Mangal 3D Yantra, Sri Bhoomi 3D Yantra, Sacred Kalash, Pranava Mantra Om, Divine Swastik, Holy Trisakthi (Om, Swastik & Trishul – Trisakthi Urja Yantra), Sri Gita Box (for keeping in pooja), Cash Wealth Box, Hundi (Coin Gollak), Pyramid, Surya, Door Ganesh (for mounting on the main door), Vaastu Wood Nabhi, Super Lucky Coins Set, Sri Vaastu Shankha (Sri Vasthu Shanku), Sri Vaasthu Matsya Jodi (Pair of Sacred Fish), Sri Vaastu Nabhi, Sri Vaastu Brahma Nabhi, etc.

We are continuously launching new 3d Yantras on a regular basis every month and our range of new Shriparni 3D Yantras for the first time in India will also include : Sri Shanmuga Saadakshari 3D Yantra, Sri Nandikeshwar 3D Yantra, Sri Vaastu Dosh Nivarthi 3D Yantra, Sri Balarama 3D Yantra, Sri Navagraha Preethi 3D Yantra, Sri Danvantri 3D Yantra, Sri Garuda 3D Yantra, Sri Kalki Avatar 3D Yantra, Sri Krishna Sundari 3D Yantra, Sri Matsya 3D Yantra, Sri Narasimha 3D Yantra, Sri Parashurama 3D Yantra, Sri Santhana Gopala 3D Yantra, Sri Shanti Durga 3D Yantra, Sri Vamana 3D Yantra, Sri Varaha 3D Yantra, Sri Maha Naaga 3D Yantra, Sri Aapat Uddharaka Batuka Yantra, Sri Ashta Dala Bhairava 3D Yantra, Sri Dhana Akarshana 3D Yantra, Sri Kamakshi 3D Yantra, Sri Bala Tripurasundari 3d Yantra, Sri Durga Kali 3d Yantra, Sri Padmavathi 3d Yantra, Sri Renuka Parameswari 3d Yantra, Sri Swapneshwari 3d Yantra, Sri Tripura Bhairavi 3d Yantra, Sri Tripura Sundari 3d Yantra, Sri Varun Mandala Chakra 3d Yantra, Sri Lakshmi Ganapathy 3d Yantra, Sri Maha Gowri 3d Yantra, Sri Maha Kali Maha 3d Yantra, Sri Naragosha 3d Yantra, Sri Vidya Rajni 3d Yantra, Sri Anjaneyar 3d Yantra, Sri Hanuman 3d Yantra, Sri Katyayini 3d Yantra, Sri Lagna Yog 3d Yantra, Sri Maha Ganapathy Maha 3d Yantra, Sri Manonmani 3d Yantra, Sri Mathaji 3d Yantra, Sri Navarna 3d Yantra, Sri Santhana Gopala 3d Yantra, Sri Sita 3d Yantra, Sri Swarnakarshna Bhairava 3d Yantra,  etc.

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