3d Yantra Set Extraordinaire : Shriparni Sri Maha Shaiva Maha 3d Yantra Set for Accelerated Personal & Professional Growth, Financial Abundance, Status, Health, Harmony & Strong Protection

SPMM-123 : 3d Yantra Set Extraordinaire : Set of Seventeen 3d Yantras - Shriparni Sri Maha Shaiva Maha 3d Yantra Set for Accelerated Personal & Professional Growth, Financial Abundance, Status, Health, Harmony & Strong Protection

SPMM-123 : 3d Yantra Set Extraordinaire : Set of Seventeen 3d Yantras – Shriparni Sri Maha Shaiva Maha 3d Yantra Set for Accelerated Personal & Professional Growth, Financial Abundance, Status, Health, Harmony & Strong Protection

The Shriparni Sri Maha Shaiva Maha 3d Yantra Set (comprising of Seventeen 3d Yantras) symbolizes success that lasts. It is capable of ushering in boundless energies, magnified charisma, inspiring interpersonal relationships, great harmony, advancement in career, wishes or endeavours, smooth progress, bountiful wealth and continuously attracting benefactors, it shall ensure things to proceed smoothly and offer strong protection against dirty politics and negative forces. It bestows wisdom in strategy, victory and power retention. Your wishes will be granted and goals achieved. It’s special abilities are unquestionably powerful according to ancient scriptures. It can bring swift success, fame and recognition. It has the capability to increase your inner essence as well. The auspicious and exceptional combination of SEVENTEEN 3D YANTRAS can protect you against harsh economic conditions and formulate wealth opportunities. This breathtaking combination will cast positive influence on your path to build a vibrant and awesome path forward for you. It will help to revive suffering businesses, to regain wealth that has been lost and to increase cash flow. Generating financial prosperity rapidly, it assists in clearing off debts quickly and smoothens wealth recovery. Once your financial flow is stable, it will help you improve your investments thus making you rich and wealthy in the long run. All in all, it can bless you with wealth luck rolling in, everlasting mainstream income and occasional windfall luck.

The Divine Yantra here is in 3D format (Three Dimensional) and is many folds more powerful than the typical flat 2D Yantra. Because it is made of the Holy Shriparni Wood, the magnified prosperity energy doubles up resulting in Great Financial Abundance. It is also believed by many that besides producing a huge amount of positive energy, the Sriparni Wood also absorbs pollution.

The fact that this Shriparni Sri Maha Shaiva Maha 3d Yantra Set is a 3D Yantra itself makes it much more powerful than the commonly found 2D Yantras in the market. Thus this Shriparni Sri Yogini 3D Yantra is many times more powerful than the 2D yantras made of cheap metal one finds flooded in the markets. Also, the Shriparni Wood also known as Sevan Wood, is popular for its properties of repelling pollution energy and dissipating negative energies arising out of defects in Vaastu Shastra (Vaasthu Vidya) of the building.

Please note that we Cleanse (Suddhi Karana), Energize (Prana Prathishta) & Custom Program (Samuka Karana) the Shriparni Divine Energy Tool using powerful and dedicated Siddha Programming Techniques to the User (with birth data : Name, Date & Time of Birth) so that the auspicious and positive energies are directly received. Also, because of the systematic 3-step empowerment and activation done by us, there is no need for the User to go through any additional pooja or strict rituals or mantra chanting or extra cleanliness.

The unique Shriparni 3d Yantra Set is a Multi-Purpose, All-In-One Divine Energy Tool of very high order and attracts bountiful amounts of money; opens up endless possibilities, superlative success, overflowing abundance and initiate the journey to riches. It can benefit everybody including investors, speculators, businessmen and even career minded people who wish to become money makers. It can help unlock the secret to a rich and wealthy life. It leads you to a journey of financial freedom where you are destined for prosperity, not scarcity, for abundance, not lack. You see yourself living in bounteous life – a life more than enough. It paves way for a fruitful marriage blessed with a great deal of success and prosperity as well as many offspring, and the beginning of a dynastic family.

This Sevan Wood 3d Yantra (also known as Shriparni 3d Yantra, Shreeparni 3d Yantra, Sriparni 3d Yantra, Khumar 3d Yantra, Ghambari 3d Yantra) encourages new talents, leadership qualities, gain government jobs or contracts, enlarge scope of business, shoulder more responsibilities and lead a successful venture. It is ideal not just for business houses but good for those in government sector, corporate sector and in politics. Excellent for capturing positions of power, influence, ministerial posts and governance.

The Maha Shaiva Maha 3d Yantra is one of the greatest Yantra of Lord Shiva. Together with the surrounding 16 powerful 3d Yantras, it offers excellent material success. It will make a world of difference to your profitability in career, profession and business. “Business” in the context here can refer to your profession, employment, investment, trade or commerce. It can help a small business grow into a big one, improve a stagnant business by leaps and bounds, position yourself as a credible expert in your field, showcase your differentiators, sell more to existing customers and generate ideas to gather new business leads. You will see great supply, plentitude, sufficiency, more than enough and surplus material success.

It expresses the sentiment of “unopposed authority”. This is because it helps one counter obstacles and is empowered to counter hostile forces and bad politics. Opponents can never win over you. It is important for one to always be aware of potential threats and win over them no matter how strong they appear to be. This superior combination is most suitable to overcome hardship at work and the problem of not getting recognized by your superior. It will assist you to draw fortune from your career while it also safeguards you. While attracting benefactors, the superior combination gathers riches, allowing you to face challenges fearlessly, paving a smooth path lined with success, benefactors and abundant opportunities. This Ghambari 3d Yantra can enable frequent travels to a foreign place for work or project, move to a new house or a new job or another state or migrate to another country and settle down there.

The Special 3d Yantra Set connotes “Overturning Heaven and Earth”. It is not only a popular phrase that expresses the sentiment of “overcoming unfortunate situations and changing them to more favorable outcomes”, but is in fact the true metaphysics method to re-programme your luck energy so that it is free from obstacles, mishaps, disasters and misfortunes. This powerful Energy Tool breaks the standard code of negativities to pulverize all negative forces and clear blocked pathways paving you to smoother and less aggravating years. It helps you to wield miraculous power, guard against loss of wealth, loss of popularity, loss of life and loss of health. Incredibly powerful, it prevents the terrible potential for reversal of fortunes. This means all your undertakings, family matters, projects, encounters, social life, financial portfolios can be overturned to an excellent status all year round. You will get galvanized into positive actions and emerge victorious because of your ability to transform misfortune luck into everything that ends with triumph.

Awe-inspiring, this magnificent Sevan Wood Yantra – Seventeen 3d Yantra Set captures the powerful assembly of 5 Elements (Panchabhoodhas). When the 5 Elements come together to merge and bond, they will share one powerful vein together to create an unusually high form of power which is essential for rapid magnification of energy associated to human interaction such as : social linkage, popularity, relationship, fame, networking and recognition. Becoming interactively attractive is essential to elevate one to high social status, success in career and happiness in relationship. For those who are suffering from defamation, bad-mouthing, rumours and gossips from petty people, this Shriparni 3d Yantra Set will also be the ultimate answer to suppress and cure such problems. It also prevents an idol being defamed into a publicly disgusting figure, good business being snatched unethically by competitors and obstruction in career advancement. This ultra powerful combination of 3d Yantras bring about wonderful luck of benefactors, noblemen, help from powerful people and important network. It is also an important fortune magnifier.

It can protect one against negative energies and ghostly encounters; harmful people and vile characters; ride through difficult times; protect against evil attempts; prevent bad intentions of unscrupulous people; arrest bad luck and minimize stress/depression. It can prevent peer competition, triumph over back-stabbing; robberies, burglary, pilferage, harm, road rage and violence at all times. It dissolves disharmony, hostility, quarrels and misunderstanding.

This Advanced Yantra Set apart from addressing career and financial aspects, also covers Family Harmony & Health : (1) Couple : Marital Harmony & Healthy Sexual Bliss; Reconciliation, Better Mutual Understanding & Bonding even for Estranged Couple; (2) for ensuring Longevity of Marriage; (3) For securing a Safe Marriage; stopping marriage infidelity; preventing third party interference & triangular love / extramarital affairs; (4) Fertility : If required, for Conceiving a Child (Boosting Powers of Conception / Fertility / Progeny); Preventing Miscarriages / Abortions; for Safe Birth of the Child; for Solving Post-Natal Problems of Mother & for Infant Health Care; (5) Family Harmony : Good Relationships and Inter-Personal Equations within the family – harmony between the Couple and their children, between the Couple’s siblings and them, between the Couple’s In-Laws and them (Mother-In-Law, Father-In-Law, Sisters-In-Law, Brothers-In-Law, Sons-In-Law & Daughters-In-Law, as applicable), etc. The Sriparni Yantra Set also extends it’s power in gaining General Health, Controlling Diseases & Chronic Illness, Recuperation & Recovery from long sickness, surgery, etc; Guidance for Diagnosis and Medical Treatment.

The most Auspicious & Divine 3d Yantra Set Extraordinaire : Shriparni Sri Maha Shaiva Maha 3d Yantra Set SPMM-123 : Appx. size – 30″ L x 30″ B x 18″ H comprises of SEVENTEEN 3d Yantras : 1 Yantra of size 18″x18″x18″ and 16 Yantras of size 6″x6″x6″.

The unique and powerful Shriparni Sri Maha Shaiva Maha 3d Yantra is also available separately as SPMM-242 : click here for more info.

Input Data : User Name(s), Date and Time of Birth(s).

Placement : In Pooja place, or any other safe location.

Important : Like all Divine Energy Tools, it is mandatory that this too has to be systematically processed and activated (Cleansed, Energized & Programmed) to User Name. Using such powerful Energy Tools with out the correct activation can cause harm. We Cleanse (Suddhi Karana), Energize (Prana Prathishta, Empowered, Energised, Energized, Energy Imbibed, Energy Infused, Energy Instilled) & Program (Samuka Karna) the Yantra (to the User Name & his/her family) so that the auspicious and positive energies are directly received. Also, because of the systematic activation done by us, there is no need for the User to go through any strict rituals or mantra chanting – whatever is being done regularly in the Pooja may be continued. No extra cleanliness is needed. No negative side effects possible because of the custom-programming. Data required : User Name, Date of Birth & if possible, Time of Birth.

Individual Significance & Benefits of the Seventeen 3d Yantras :

SPMM-123 : 3d Yantra Set Extraordinaire : Set of Seventeen 3d Yantras - Shriparni Sri Maha Shaiva Maha 3d Yantra Set for Accelerated Personal & Professional Growth, Financial Abundance, Status, Health, Harmony & Strong Protection

SPMM-123 : 3d Yantra Set Extraordinaire : Set of Seventeen 3d Yantras – Shriparni Sri Maha Shaiva Maha 3d Yantra Set for Accelerated Personal & Professional Growth, Financial Abundance, Status, Health, Harmony & Strong Protection

This Shriparni Sri Maha Shaiva Maha 3d Yantra Set (containing 17 different 3d Yantras) is 3d Yantra Extraordinaire which addresses all aspects of one’s life – the constituent 3d Yantras are :

(1) Shriparni Sri Maha Shaiva Maha 3d Yantra (18″L x 18″W x 18″H)

The Shriparni Sri Maha Shaiva Maha 3d Yantra personifies Lord Shiva and is considered to be the most powerful Shiva Yantras of all by renowned pandits across the world for its power to protect the users from all sorts of miseries, terminal illness and risks of untimely death. This 3d Yantra blesses the users with endured life that is full of prosperity and happiness. This 3d Yantra also acts as a repulsive force when installed in a building that casts out all sorts of evil entities from entering the building.

(2) Shriparni Sri Aswarooda Devi 3d Yantra (6″L x 6″W x 6″H)

Goddess Ambika Anadhinidhana alighted on her divine horse aparajitha is worshiped as Goddess Aswarooda Devi. The Shreeparni Sri Aswarooda Devi 3d Yantra invokes commander like qualities in you when in a war like situation. It makes one invincible – who cannot be won over by enemies. This three dimensional Yanthra gives total control of mind and physical senses. It helps one cross obstacles and hurdles that block progress. When problems that seemingly have no solutions emerge, the Yantra blazes open new pathways. This Yanthra aims to protect one from calamities. It can aid one to achieve love and consideration of the spouse, realize long cherished wishes and increase inner and bodily beauty. Also, this is a highly protective Yantra that repels black magic, effects of ghosts and devils, deadly diseases, poisonous creatures, theft, robbery, pilferage, etc. In organisation and plants, it can clear labour disputes.

(3) Shriparni Sri Shoolini Durga 3d Yantra (6″L x 6″W x 6″H)

Goddess Shoolini Durga (also known as Shoolini Durga, Shoolinee, Dhuruvi, Dhuru ki Devi, Maa Shoolini, Shivrani, Shulini Devi, Saloni Devi, Salonee Devi) is the Shakti or power of Lord Shiva and is the root of knowledge, wisdom, creation, preservation and annihilation. She is the Right Wing of Lord Sarabeshwara. The Shriparni Sri Shoolini Durga 3d Yanthra acts against the ill effects of ghosts and devilish spirits. It also offers protection from black magic, deadly diseases and wicked attacks of enemies. It develops commanding power and helps lead prosperous and respectable life. It protects from enemies, secures all the wealth and assets. It cures the mind and physical being, blesses us with good children, gives knowledge and wisdom. It aids one to get rid of mental/psychological depression, remove fear/anxiety, cure diseases of the mind. It also protects one’s factory/industry/organization from evil influences. It provides relief from Pitru Dosha. It helps one in the fulfillment of ambitions. This 3d Yantra is a wonderful cure to mitigate the negative effects of the 9 planets in the native’s horoscope.

(4) Shriparni Sri Vana Durga 3d Yantra (6″L x 6″W x 6″H)

The Sevan Sri Vana Durga 3d Yantra is famous for gaining worthy achievements, public recognition and status, political victories; attaining high positions, re-gain lost power and lost position; win office politics, clear mental blocks, overcome obstacles and achieve targets; get worthy offspring. It also offers high level of protection from evil eye, black magic, unsettled spirits, negative entities, etc. It is a very helpful 3d Yantra for political activists and politicians.

(5) Shriparni Sri Durga Saptasadhi 3d Yantra (6″L x 6″W x 6″H)

Shriparni Sri Saptasadhi Durga 3d Yantra is a powerful energy tool for attaining desires, to remove difficulties and to conquer enemies; gain wealth, property and protection from all sorts of dangers. Scriptures list the immense benefits of this Sevan Wood Yantra : balances the ambient energy with immense positive radiance, creates a protective shield or kavach around the user which helps at every juncture, boosts personality and character development, cleanses the mind of doubts, worries and ambiguity, forges great love and warmth among family members, imparts the rare combination of purity of thought, prosperity and wisdom, raises the energy levels of the user, lends a very soothing effect on the body, mind and soul, helps an individual realize the awareness of a higher reality which is very protective and of help in every situation, releases stress, bringing about peace, tranquility and happiness at all times, promotes good health, focus and concentration, revives material fortunes, alleviates poverty and fills life with abundance, removes obstacles in every walk of life, Opens new avenues of opportunities, neutralizes the ill-will between people, turning opponents into allies, disintegrates all kinds of negative energy, exterminating evil spirits and ghosts, etc. It is also believed that this 3d Yantra possess the power to engender a 180 degree turnaround even for the one who finds himself totally down and out in every sphere of life or for the person who is on the verge of total breakdown.

(6) Shriparni Sri Kalratri Devi 3d Yantra (6″L x 6″W x 6″H)

The Shriparni Sri Kalratri Devi 3d Yantra is praised by the “Mantra Mahodadhi of Mahidhara” for bestowing many types of benefits including : gains success and accomplishments; destroys evil spirits, ghosts, negative energies and demonic entities; removes illusions and pulls out anger from it’s roots; clears all the fear from the heart and makes the user bold and self confident; endows calm and courage; bestows great tantric powers, relief from all physical and mental pains caused by negativity, blesses with significant knowledge and continuous prosperity.

(7) Shriparni Sri Chandi 3d Yantra (6″L x 6″W x 6″H)

Shriparni Sri Chandi 3d Yantra is a powerful three dimensional Yantra well known for it’s abilities to dissolve obstacles in all spheres of life and enable progress. It can vanquish enemies and competition and wards off  drishti or evil eye. It offers strong protection against black magic, hostile elements, evil spirits, poisonous attacks, sorcery, robbery, internal thefts, etc. It aids in winning litigation and court cases. This Yantra annihilates evil forces and restores equilibrium. It helps overcome of all kinds of doshas, curses and barriers in one’s life. It mitigates the malefic influences of evil planets in the native’s horoscope – navagraha shanti. It can remove fears, dangers and life threats while ushering in prosperity, wealth and financial abundance. It brings about overall success in life and fulfillment of all desires. It is also used for getting married early, good marital happiness and for progeny. It opens a way to experience both spiritual and materialistic pleasures alike.

(8) Shriparni Sri Raja Matangi 3d Yantra (6″L x 6″W x 6″H)

Shriparni Sri Raja Matangi 3d Yantra is for Career/Business Success, Aggressive Growth, Professional Proficiency, Supreme Knowledge, Favourable Government Decisions, Success in Litigation & Strong Protection. Shriparni Sri Raja Matangi 3D Yantra boosts concentration and memory power along with knowledge and superior intelligence. It is an excellent tool for scoring high marks and ranks in all types of conventional examinations, competitive exams and professional exams facing them fearlessly and going about it aggressively and efficiently. It improves creativity, artistic proficiency and other skill sets. It gives full expression to inner thoughts and inner knowledge. It induces one to make sustained efforts with effective involvement, till the goals are reached and targets achieved. It encourages new talents, leadership qualities, gain government jobs or contracts, enlarge scope of business, shoulder more responsibilities and lead a successful venture. In career, it helps achieve objectives with smoothness with a taste for efficiency. In family life, it gives a happy marital bond and progeny. It gets rid of enemies and competition, negative energies and obstacles blocking the path to progress. It promotes all forms of wisdom, especially the mantric wisdom. It charges the user with energy needed for gaining professional expertise in the chosen subjects and fields. It also helps in recognizing one’s true inner talents and decide on the ideal subject or topic to specialize and choose the ideal occupation to focus on. Many experienced Veda Pandits and Astrologers recommend Shriparni Sri Rajamatangi 3D Yantra for resolving issues smoothly, to get positive decisions from government and governmental agencies, a permit or contract, a favourable judicial ruling and for getting justice.

(9) Shriparni Sri Khechari Yogini 3d Yantra (6″L x 6″W x 6″H)

The Shreeparni Sri Khechari Yogini 3d Yantra is merited with several benefits including : improves concentration and breeds strong focus; allows speech mastery, or vak siddhi by providing divine power and strength to the speech; enabling excellent communication skills; resists and rejects temptations and diversions; inculcates good discipline and enforces self-control; controls impulses and unwanted desires; keeps at bay wrong friends and bad companions; helps in weight control; facilitates de-addiction : helps quit addiction of various drugs like cigarette, tobacco, alcohol, and worser drugs like heroin, cocaine, nicotine, crack, smack, unnatural sex, etc.; offers strong protection from many types of negative energies including Evil Eye, Black Magic, Unsettled Spirits, Enemies, Competition, Internal Politics, etc.; overcomes energy blocks, obstacles, obstructions, hurdles; smoothly settles property disputes; favours smooth inheritance and ensures fair share of undivided properties; resolves long pending issues; helps gain justice and win court cases and litigation; increases the chances of retrieving lost objects, things, missing documents, gadgets, jewelry, etc. and stolen goods; minimizes the chances of information theft, pilferage, robbery, etc.; boosts the chances of recalling lost memories; enhances the chances of regaining lost money, wealth, properties, assets; helps locate and bring back a lost person; prevents competitors from grabbing one’s customers, unethically taking over one’s business, etc.

(10) Shriparni Sri Shyamala Saraswati 3d Yantra (6″L x 6″W x 6″H)

The Sriparni Sri Shyamala Sarasvati 3d Yantra creates a positive energy belt around the user, energizing him/her to complete the tasks at hand. It can equip one with both the physical strength and mental strength to work hard for one’s academic success. It empowers one with knowledge and sharpen skill sets. Time management, Logical reasoning, Analytical skills and problem solving techniques are some of the widely required skill sets to stand distinct in today’s competitive world. One requires divine help to acquire such talents and become an outstanding performer. When coupled with hard and sustained work, the Shyamala Saraswathi Yantra provides the solution. The higher level energies released from this 3D Yantra will stir one’s knowledge and gift one with the power of concentration and deep thinking – academic achievements will no longer be such a difficult task any more. After all, the academic accomplishments lead to career growth and personal developments. Sri Shyamala Sarasvati Yantra unearths the finest qualities of the user and sharpens them to perfection : knowledge, creativity, mental power, innovative thinking, etc. It stimulates your thirst for knowledge and quenches it with adequate wisdom. The power of this 3d Yantra turns your imagination and creativity into reality, making you an outstanding performer. If you wish to become ‘Jack of all Arts”, then this is the ideal Yantra for you. This powerful 3D Yantra is also suitable for all those who want to expand their boundaries of knowledge, who aspire to achieve higher standards in their education, who crave to score well in examinations, who yearn to outshine competition, who desire superior accomplishment in their field, who wish to excel in general and who want to be outstanding performers. It is ideal for gaining success in conventional examinations as well as competitive exams.

(11) Shriparni Sri Maha Lakshmi Maha 3d Yantra (6″L x 6″W x 6″H)

Starting from the smooth flow of money, financial opportunities, profits, investments, wealth, prosperity, abundance, the powerful Shriparni Sri Maha Lakshmi Maha 3d Yantra gives them all. Apart from the conventional wealth luck, this 3D Yantra also confers unconventional wealth luck like commissions, brokerage, side income etc; speculation luck in the form of success in share markets and stock markets; windfall wealth luck in the form of unexpected monies and sudden financial benefits or out of the blue monetary gifts. The Maha Lakshmi Maha Yantra not only creates wealth but also helps in retaining it – preserving wealth is as important as creating it, if not more. Still more important is the capability of enjoying the earned money. After all, a wealthy person is not the one who has amassed wealth which is not capable to enjoy but one who is blessed to enjoy what he had earned.

(12) Shriparni Sri Manyu Sukta 3d Yantra (6″L x 6″W x 6″H)

Shriparni Sri Manyu Sukta 3d Yantra is for Glorious Success, Aggressive Strategies, Commanding Power & Authority, Neutralizing Threats & Strong Protection. The Manyu Sookta of Rig Veda is a famous hymn for it’s many special qualities that includes it’s power to channel destructive anger into productive anger and accomplish valourous acts like winning competition and enemies, plot and strategize aggressively for climbing great heights of success in career and profession, gain commanding power and authority, successfully counter negative and evil energies, win legal battles and quash fake cases, neutralize threats, etc. The Shriparni Sri Manyu Sukta 3d Yantra installed here fully personifies the might and power of the ancient hymn Manyu Sukta and fully represents it’s glorious benefits.

(13) Shriparni Sri Raja Mritunjaya 3d Yantra (6″L x 6″W x 6″H)

The Shriparni Sri Raja Mritunjaya 3d Yantra is for Successful Relationship with Government, Favourable Decisions from Government, Victory in Litigation, Good Health & Wealth. The “Mantra Mahodadhi of Mahidhara” among other scriptures lists the very many benefits : to claim help from those in power and authority; to get a government job or project or contract; to reclaim job/project lost due to suspension or termination of service due to internal politics or chronic diseases; to get desired job transfer or inter-department transfer in government; to get favour from superior authorities in government; to try and minimize troubles from government, government departments and government agencies; to resolve disputes with government; to gain a favourable ruling from government agencies; to increase chances of getting a favourable verdict in lawsuits, litigation, court cases; to boost chances of getting a favourable decision in legal disputes with adjudicating authority and semi-government bodies; to strengthen weak cases and win legal battles; to wriggle out of false accusations, foisted, fake cases, etc.; to gain influence with government, bureaucrats, executives & high ranking officials; to attract status and authority in your caste and community; to get prominent posts in party and politics; to occupy high position in ministry and government; to quell and tame rebellion in your group, team, party, etc.; to gain more power, authority, command over others; to subjugate opponents and enemies, etc.

(14) Shriparni Sri Sarva Kamprada Bhairava 3d Yantra (6″L x 6″W x 6″H)

The Sevan Wood Yantra popularly known as Shriparni Sri Sarva Kamprada Bhairava 3d Yantra is credited with many benefits, some of which are given here. This Bhairon Yantra bestows success and all materialistic comforts. It helps one fulfill all desires. It blesses us with time management skills, guards us against accidents and other unforeseen events, brings us positive energy and achievements, relieves us from debts and improves our financial standing. It revitalizes the lives of people who crave for a debt-free life, professionals who aim for multitasking abilities and people who desire to establish their financial status. It eliminates the effects of black magic and evil spirits, apart from other negative influences and powers. This Bhairava Yantra also eliminates the harmful effects of planet Rahu and bestows the user with good luck. This is an ideal 3d Yantra for developing managerial skills, wealth and gain divine protection.

(15) Shriparni Sri Aikya Madhya Sukta 3d Yantra (6″L x 6″W x 6″H)

Shriparni Sri Aikya Madhya Sukta 3D Yantra is for Harmonious Relationship between Husband and Wife, Family, Friends, Business Partners & Company Directors. The famous Rig Veda (or Rik Veda) quotes the many benefits of the Shriparni Sri Aikya Madhya Sukta 3D Yantra, some of which are to bring unanimity, concord (union of hearts and samjnanam (unity through common understanding). In other words, to bring proper understanding where there are disagreements. This 3d Yantra improves relationship between husband and wife and promotes marital harmony. It unites even estranged and separated couple, reconciling and bonding them together. It enhances the cordial relations between neighbours, colleagues, superiors and subordinates. It is used for reunion and reuniting of separated friends, relations and partners. It can maintain equilibrium of wavelength between the life partners for leading a happy and peaceful life. It helps clear misunderstanding between friends, between family members (elders, siblings, brothers, sisters, children, in-laws, etc). It soothes irritants in the equation between business partners and company directors. It also helps one in having a good relationship with a companion or lover. It brings in unity (aikya) in all (sarva) relationships. Thus the Aikamatya Sukta Yantra is an excellent 3d Yantra for boosting co-operation and for having like-mindedness in all relationships. It is in extensive use today to bring people together to work in unison for a common task, goal or target.

(16) Shriparni Sri Lakshmi Narasimha 3d Yantra (6″L x 6″W x 6″H)

Shriparni Sri Lakshmi Narasimha 3d Yantra blesses one with abundant material wealth. The user’s quest for spiritual and material yearnings will be fully accomplished. It can eliminate hardships in life and help you win in litigation and court cases. Relief from financial debts and health disorders is another benefit of this 3d Yantra. This Yantra protects the user from negative planetary influences, enemies and competition. The protection is also extended to the malefic effects due to drishti or evil eye, unsettled spirits, negative entities, ghosts, etc. Other major benefits are believed to be mental peace, abundant knowledge, spiritual wisdom and harmonious marital life. Many pandits recommend this 3d Yantra for smoothly resolving chronic and complex issues.

(17) Shriparni Sri Surya Mandala 3d Yantra (6″L x 6″W x 6″H)

The Shriparni Sri Surya Mandala 3d Yantra is a beautiful and hard to find Divine Energy Tool that is dedicated for Navagraha Shanti. Anyone who wants to get recovery from the bad effects of malefic planets can choose this Navagraha Mandala for gaining better prospects. It primarily focuses on removing the obstacles that are mainly caused by nine planets. In fact, it is really a boon for those whose planets are detrimental in their native horoscope. It is the most auspicious 3d Yantra to remove Navagraha Dosha. The person who is suffering from misfortunes, heavy loss or failure in business or life – the Soorya Mandala Yantra is very much ideal for them. It can make the situations favourable for us and thus ensuring us a grand success in our field. It is the remedy for people who are craving for a happy married life, delay in child birth, facing stuck ups in business and personal life. This unique 3d Yantra improves the quality of personal and professional life and gains the blessings of the Navgrahas. It also helps keep away bad luck and misfortunes.

What is the difference between a 2D Yantra and 3D Yantra?

The difference in the concepts of a 2D and 3D Yantra can easily be understood through a practical and popular example : there are two varieties of Sri Yantra. The first and the most commonly found is the flat, two dimensional, linear form. In this, the entire sacred geometry is drawn on a single flat plane. This concept is called the 2D Yantra. The second variety is the three dimensional one. Here, the Yantra is in the pyramidal form and because of the mountain shape, it is named after the mythical divine mountain Meru. In this 3D version of the plane form, the outlines of the geometry are elevated in gradual steps to form an iconic structure. Thus, if the Sri Chakra is made as a three dimensional figure with length, breadth and height, then it is called Meru Chakra. This concept is called the 3D Yantra. The 3D Yantra is multi folds more powerful than the 2D Yantra.

What is a 3D Yantra? Why a 3D Yantra?

If a 2D Yantra is systematically Cleansed and Energized through advanced Siddha Empowering Techniques, the energy projected in the x, y and z axis will exactly resemble it’s 3D version. This Virtual Yantra is, in fact the REAL YANTRA. In other words, the relationship between a 2D Yantra and a 3D Yantra is that of between the sketch of a building and the building itself. Beyond doubt, a 3D Yantra will be multi folds more powerful than it’s 2D version.

Advantages of the 3d Yantra over the 2d Yantra

(1) In principle, the 3D Yantra has multi folds more power than it’s 2D version – it can receive more energy, store more energy, process more energy and transmit more energy.

(2) The pyramidal structure of a 3D Yantra allows the Attuned Professional to incorporate more sophisticated Programming into it, to exercise better control over the spatial energy and the Chakras of the individuals involved, to achieve faster and better results.

(3) The very Energy Engine driving the 3D Yantra is so very different (than that of a 2D Yantra) that it can accept more complex programming which enables a very long life – a ‘near permanent’ life, unlike most religious 2D Yantras that have very short life span like a year or much less.

(4) Again, the more sophisticated and stronger energy structure of a 3D Yantra can easily support very advanced programming by an Attuned Professional to exempt it from ritual cleansing, milk bath, nithya pooja, daily mantra chanting, prasad offering, etc. This is achieved by time-tested Powerful Siddha Programming Techniques which help maintain the 3D Yantra with stipulated and excellent energy levels 24/7.

Important Notes that one should be aware of :

(1) This Divine Shriparni Energy Tool displayed here is an excellent Metaphysical Energy Tool for boosting the Positive Energies and/or for protecting from the Negative Energies, as specified in the product description.
(2) Like all genuine remedies, the above Shriparni Wood / Sevan Wood Energy Tool too is required to be Cleansed, Energized & Custom Programmed to a specific individual (or family as the case may be) in order to make it work as a proper Cure and/or Enhancer – that is the minimum eligibility for any remedy. Using powerful remedies like this without the mandatory activation can cause harm to the User (and family). All Remedies chanelled by us are Cleansed (Sudhdhi Karana), Energized (Prana Prathishta, Empowered, Energised, Energized, Energy Imbibed, Energy Infused, Energy Instilled, Energy Charged) and Pre-Programmed for the stated purposes and Custom Programmed (Samuka Karana) to the desired User’s Birth Data, at the time of purchase.
(3) This Shriparni Wood product does not require any periodic cleansing (or energizing), as it has already been systematically cleansed and energized through time tested Siddha Techniques.
(4) Due to the systematic Power Activation done by us, there is no need for the customer to perform any ritualistic daily worship, nitya pooja, mantra chanting, japa or rigorous fasting.
(5) No extra cleanliness is ever required on your part. All the rigorous processing that needs to be done are completed by us fully and only then channelled to you.
(6) This Shriparni Energy Tool is not Programmed for any specific time period – hence has a long life, unlike the typical flat, metal 2D Yantras.
(7) This Shriparni Energy Tool channelled by us can never, ever give any negative side effects at any point of time, because of our special Programming Techniques.
(8) This Shriparni Energy Tool can be kept in any one physical location (preferably in pooja place or in any other place) facing any direction.
(9) No Abisheka (Sacred Water Bath), as it is made of wood. Not required too, as it is already Custom Programmed to maintain correct energy levels.
(10) This Shriparni Energy Tool is specifically Programmed to work on the related Chakras (Physical Chakras, Mental Chakras & Spiritual Chakras) of a specific Individual, without interruption, for better results.
(11) This Shriparni Energy Tool is suitable for any and all of the 12 Zodiac Signs irrespective of sex, age, nationality, religion, caste, country or culture.
(12) You may browse our 3D Yantras FAQs (click here) before placing your order – we have put together the most frequently asked questions and our answers to them. This section will help you to gain a better understanding about the products, processes involved, percentage of success, time required for gaining results, etc. If you still have a query that you think is not covered in our FAQs, you may contact us.

Caution : Copycat Shriparni Products can be dangerous

Remedies are all about energy and every physical object installed in home or work place, be they cures or enhancers, or just placed around for their aesthetics and beauty, MUST give out loving positive energy; they should have been created with the pure motivation to benefit someone or to make someone feel good and happy. This requirement becomes even more important when they are Spiritual Remedies and made with sacred material like Divine Shriparni Wood. Badly made fakes and commercially created copycat products hastily assembled together with cheap raw materials will not be effective at all.

Actually, placing metaphysical energy remedies with ill or bad energy in living space or work space can emanate even more negativity than you realize. And far from overcoming and dissolving afflicted and corrupted energy in your space, they could actually generate more negativity instead, defeating the very purpose itself.

Another note of caution : beware of mock Shriparni Wood products that are available cheaply in the market, especially in the internet. Many of them are either pretentious or made of unfit male Shriparni tree wood – divine energy tools like Yantras and pooja articles should be made ONLY out of female Shriparni tree wood. Similarly, the female Shriparni Tree becomes energy mature only after completion of 12 years of age – but many of them are cut down much earlier because of the huge market demand and commercial considerations. Displaying such spurious products might physically look beautiful but will carry unchecked residual energies that will create more energy blocks and accentuate existing negative energies.

Info on Shriparni Tree Wood / Sevan Tree Wood

The Shriparni Tree is as ancient, as pure and as sacred as the Tulsi and Peepal Tree. Ancient Puranas state that Goddess Sri Maha Lakshmi herself is inherently present in the Shriparni Tree. That is why the Shriparni Tree is praised as the Kalpavriksha or Karpaga Viruksham of the Kaliyuga time. Twelve years old Sriparni Wood is believed to be Svayam Siddha (Swayambu) and on completion of the 12th year only it becomes energy-mature. Also Divine Energy Tools such as this (including 2D Yantras and 3D Yantras) should be made only from the Female Shriparni Tree Wood – it is widely accepted that the wood from the Male Shriparni Tree is not suitable for making such sacred products.

The Shriparni Tree belongs to the Botanical Family Gmelina arborea : in Hindi it is called Khumar & Gori Gambhari; in Gujarati Sevan; in Marathi Shivan; in Malayalam Neykumizhu; Adavigummudu in Telugu; Kumbalamara in Kannada; Perumkumbil in Tamil and in English Coomb White Teak. The Ayurvedha classifies it as a Medicinal Plant with properties that pacify vitiated vata, pitta, inflammation, flatulence, malignancy especially leukemia, arthritis and hepato-biliary affections.

Our Shriparni Wood / Sevan Wood Products Range

Our huge range of Auspicious Energy Tools which are made from the Sacred Shreeparni Tree Wood (Sevan Wood) and channelled by us are Shri Yantra or Sri Yantra (Flat, 2-Dimensional), Sri Maha Meru or Meru Chakra (3D Shree Yantra or Sri Chakra) – Poorna Meru, Ardha Meru, Sri Koorma (Kachuwa) Meru 3D Yantra (Sri Maha Meru over Sacred Turtle), Sri Char Dik Kurma Meru 3d Yantra (Poorna Meru over 4 Sacred Turtles), Sri Maha Mritunjaya 3D Yantra, Chausath Yogini 3D Yantra (64 Yogini 3D Yantra), Sri Maha Yogini 3D Yantra, Sri Rahasya Yogini 3D Yantra (Combination of 6 Sacred Yantras), Combined Sri Kubera 3D Yantra, Sri Maha Meru 3D Yantra on Lotus Base & Sri Lakshmi Kanakadhara 3D Yantra on Lotus Base in 3-D form, Sri Maha Sudharsana 3D Yantra, Sri Gayatri 3D Yantra, Sri Dattatreya 3D Yantra, Sri Maha Rudra 3D Yantra, Sri Neela Saraswati 3D Yantra, Sri Kaamadev 3D Yantra (Sri Manmatha 3D yantra), Sri Purusha Sukta 3D Yantra (Sri Purusha Sookta 3D Yantra), Sri Khadga Ravana 3D Yantra, Sri Shree Sukta 3D Yantra Set (Sri Shri Sookta 3D Yantra Set) – Set of three 3D Yantras), Sri Shirdi Saibaba 3d Yantra, Sri Puttaparti Satya Saibaba 3d Yantra, Sri Mahavatar Babaji 3d Yantra, Sri Panchanguli 3d Yantra, Sri Sampoorna Sarva Vidya Prapti Maha 3d Yantra Set (Set of 16 3d Yantras), Sri Aikya Madhya Sukta 3d Yantra, Sri Deepak 3d Yantra, Sri Chamundi 3d Yantra, Sri Sampoorna Chakrabja Mandala 3d Yantra Set (Set of 5 3d Yantras), Sri Tirupati Balaji 3d Yantra, Sri Khechari Yogini 3d Yantra, Sri Vyapar Vriddhi 3d Yantra Set (Set of 2 3d Yantras), Sri Raja Matangi 3d Yantra, Sri Shyamala Sarasvati 3d Yantra, Sri Kayakalpa 3d Yantra, Sri Manyu Sukta 3d Yantra, Sri Maha Shaiva Maha 3d Yantra Set (Set of 17 3d Yantras), Sri Sarabar 3d Yantra, Sri Shoolini Durga 3d Yantra, Sri Pratyangira 3d Yantra, Special Sri Chidambara Kurma Poorna Maha Meru 3d Yantra, Sri Vana Durga 3d Yantra, Sri Kartha Veerya Arjuna 3d Yantra (Sri Karthaveeryarjuna 3d Yantra), Sri Ardhanareeswarar 3d Yantra, Sri Tithi Nitya Devi 3d Yantra Set (Set of 16 3d Yantras), Sri Dasa Maha Vidya 3d Yantra Set (Set of 13 3d Yantras Set), Sri Guru Dakshinamurthy 3d Yantra, Sri Maha Ganapathy Vijaya 3d Yantra, Sri Hayagrivar 3d Yantra, Sri Vidya Rajagopala 3d Yantra, Sri Raja Mritunjaya 3d Yantra, Sri Shiva Mritunjaya 3d Yantra, Sacred Kalash, Pranava Mantra Om, Divine Swastik, Holy Trisakthi (Om, Swastik & Trishul – Trisakthi Urja Yantra), Sri Gita Box (for keeping in pooja), Cash Wealth Box, Hundi (Coin Gollak), Pyramid, Surya, Door Ganesh (for mounting on the main door), Vaastu Wood Nabhi, Super Lucky Coins Set, Sri Vaastu Shankha (Sri Vasthu Shanku), Sri Vaasthu Matsya Jodi (Pair of Sacred Fish), etc.

We are continuously launching new 3d Yantras on a regular basis every month and our range of new Shriparni 3D Yantras for the first time in India will also include : Sri Shanmuga Saadakshari 3D Yantra, Sri Nandikeshwar 3D Yantra, Sri Vaastu Dosh Nivarthi 3D Yantra, Sri Annapurna 3D Yantra, Sri Balarama 3D Yantra, Sri Navagraha Preethi 3D Yantra, Sri Surya Mandala 3d Yantra, Sri Danvantri 3D Yantra, Sri Garuda 3D Yantra, Sri Kalki Avatar 3D Yantra, Sri Krishna Sundari 3D Yantra, Sri Lakshmi Narasimha 3D Yantra, Sri Maha Ganapathy 3D Yantra, Sri Maha Lakshmi Maha 3D Yantra, Sri Matsya 3D Yantra, Sri Narasimha 3D Yantra, Sri Parashurama 3D Yantra, Sri Rama Raksha 3D Yantra, Sri Santhana Gopala 3D Yantra, Sri Sastha Ayyappa 3D Yantra, Sri Shanti Durga 3D Yantra, Sri Susheela 3D Yantra, Sri Swayamvara Parvathi 3D Yantra, Sri Vamana 3D Yantra, Sri Varaha 3D Yantra, Sri Chakrabja 3D Yantra, Sri Mrit-Sanjivani 3D Yantra, Sri Maha Naaga 3D Yantra, Sri Aapat Uddharaka Batuka Yantra, Sri Aghora 3D Yantra, Sri Ashta Dala Bhairava 3D Yantra, Sri Dhana Akarshana 3D Yantra, Sri Kamakshi 3D Yantra, Sri Sarva Kamaprada Bhairava 3D Yantra, Sri Ashta Matrikas 3d Yantra, Sri Aswarooda Devi 3d Yantra, Sri Chandi 3d Yantra, Sri Durga Saptasathi 3d Yantra, Sri Gowri Shankar 3d Yantra, Sri Trailokya Vishwakarma Lakshmi 3d Yantra, Sri Vartali Varahi 3d Yantra, Sri Kubjika Devi 3d Yantra, Sri Bala Tripurasundari 3d Yantra, Sri Durga Kali 3d Yantra, Sri Kalratri Devi 3d Yantra, Sri Padmavathi 3d Yantra, Sri Renuka Parameswari 3d Yantra, Sri Swapneshwari 3d Yantra, Sri Tripura Bhairavi 3d Yantra, Sri Tripura Sundari 3d Yantra,  Sri Varun Mandala Chakra 3d Yantra, etc.

For Authentic, Cleansed, Energized & Programmed (to User’s Name or Company’s Name) Divine Shriparni Energy Tools, call 098422-40274 or mail to crystalvaastu@yahoo.com or crystalyantra@gmail.com.