About Divine Dwaraka Shilas

Sacred Dwaraka Shila from Chakra Theertha, Dwaraka, for Dissolving ones Sins

Sacred Dwaraka Shila from Chakra Theertha, Dwaraka, for Dissolving one's Sins

The Dwaraka Shilas are porous Sacred Stones with Divine Chakra markings, bestowed by Chakra Thirtha – the Holy place called Dwaraka where the Gomati River blends with the ocean. Scriptures reveal that the Cosmic Chakradhari (Lord Maha Vishnu with his Mighty Discus Sri Sudharsan Chakra) manifested in the form of Dwaraka Shilas here. Like Salagrama Shilas, Dwaraka Shilas too are self-manifest : Swayambu. Being Swayambu, the Dwaraka Shilas do not require strict religious procedures nor ritualistic worship nor mantra chanting nor any extra cleanliness. Worship and chanting are always meritorious but not mandatory, in the case of Dwaraka Shilas (like in the cases of Sacred Shaligrams and Sacred Narmada Bana Lingas). The Dwaraka Shilas are also known as Dwaravathi Shilas or Chakrankitha Shilas. The merits of the Dwaraka Shilas are extoled by many Vedic Scriptures : the Varaha Purana states that whoever touches it are liberated from all sins; the Skandha Purana lauds that a person who worships it with or without devotion is freed from all sinful reactions; the Garuda Purana declares that a mere glance at it fulfills desires; the Dwaraka Mahathmiya says that it has the power to liberate even a sinful person from a degraded country from his sins; the Brahma Purana states that when it is worshipped along with a Salagrama Sila, Mukthi (Salvation) can be attained; the Skandha Purana says that when it is worshipped with a Salagrama Shila, Knowledge, Health, Wealth, Status, Power, Harmony and Vaikundha Prapthi can be realised. In other words, the Dwaraka Shilas are Divine Energy Tools to be kept in every home.

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